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FTZ No. 155 Site Locations


The Calhoun-Victoria FTZ, with more than 1,400 acres, includes six general purpose sites and three subzones strategically located to offer a variety of intermodal transportation connections and access features.


Site 1 encompasses the public marine terminal facilities at the Port of Port Lavaca-Point Comfort.  The site includes docks, warehouse space, open storage areas and is served by the ship channel and existing rail service spurs of the Point Comfort & Northern Railroad, a short line connecting with the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads.  Only the 25,00 square foot warehouse in this site has been activated.  It is served by the Matagorda Ship Channel which has an operating depth of 36 feet.










Site 2 is a subzone of FTZ No. 155.  This subzone is owned and operated by ALCOA and provides more than 900 jobs in the Calhoun County region.  Operations include bauxite processing facilities, chemical production facilities, a deepwater marine terminal, a 15,000 square foot warehouse and open storage.  A total of 494.3 acres have been activated out of more than 800 acres in the site.  This site is served by the Point Comfort & Northern Railroad.  The FTZ assists ALCOA in overcoming the necessary disadvantage of shipping two pounds of bauxite for each pound of alumina that is produced. 






Site 3 is not active.  It consists of 119 acres adjacent to the Long Mott Turning Basin on the Victoria Barge Canal.  The site consists of unimproved acreage fronting on the barge canal which has an operating depth of 14 feet.  This site is owned by the West Side Calhoun County Navigation District.






Site 4 is 135 aces adjoining the operating portions of Victoria Regional Airport.  This site is not yet activated.


Site 5 is a 28 acre tract fronting on US. Highway 59 near the Victoria Regional Airport.  This site includes 255,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space with an improved laydown yard.  This site is not yet activated.



Site 6 includes the public wharf and 359 adjacent acres at the Victoria Navigation District's Pickering Turning Basin near the north terminus of the Victoria Barge Canal.  The site is served by the Union Pacific Railroad.  The site is not yet activated.